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Days on the Market

One of the most important statistics of Real Estate Marketing is how long a particular property takes to sell.  Pricing where the buyer wants to buy is a wise step to get your listing sold in a reasonable amount of time.  Remember...the seller and the buyer decide on the price...not the agent.  If the market demands a certain price, the property can get it.

Inventory Statistics

Is the market flooded with properties or is the inventory low.  It definitely impacts the pricing and sales strategy.

Interest Rate Trends

When the interest rates are low it gives the buyer more POWER to purchase a higher-priced property and be able to keep the ratios in line to be financed.  This is an important step to time listing and pricing in today's market.

Comparing Apples

When doing a market analysis, looking deeply into the comps is a must.  When you are looking to purchase a product while one is a stock model and the other a totally upgraded model st the same price, I know which you would pick.  The upgraded model.  So, we have to check the comps to add to or take away from the numbers to equal out the product.

Market Absorbtion

When there is an abundance of buyers looking to move into a market, homes sell quickly but as those buyers are absorbed and then slow down it changes how the property moves in many directions.  Days on the market are longer and prices begin to recover.  Timing.  Timing.  Timing.

Seasonal Markets

Some parts of the country are very seasonal as to when homes and condos sell at the pace of a city market.  These vacation areas are generally in full swing when their Northern counterparts are in the less desirable seasons.  Even ski resort towns have the same type of movement but during the season they're known for.  SNOW!


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